10 Beautiful Workspaces That Will Make You Love to Work

Find your workspace inspiration on Pinterest to get clear ideas.

Do you want to feel more creative when you work from home? If yes, then you need to create a separate workspace. It doesn’t have to be a whole room, a nook here and there would do, as long as you have designated one. Here is a couple of workspace inspiration to make your eyes happy and kick in your productive day! Get ready to revamp your own home office now Ladies! It’s an exciting time!

Dreams don’t work unless you do.

I have always been a sucker for home offices. Having a designated place for me to work helps me to focus more and in fact, assist my creativity. Take some time to find out what works for you You can find workspace inspiration almost everywhere, my favorite would be Pinterest) and benefit from a place that will enhance your work. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!


I love this working space from Decor8 for its simplicity. Dress your desk with a few items that you need or you love to look at, and eliminated the rest. If you are a Minimalist with a simple and clean aesthetic, I won’t be surprised if this would serve as the most ideal workspace inspiration for you.

Simplicity is key for this minimalist working space.


This home office from Life Of A Sister is a part of a master bedroom. I love the gorgeous table and the family photos on the wall. I also genuinely think it’s smart to use some parts of your room to have a designated working space.

It doesn't matter where, but having a designated homeoffice is better.


This working space from Western Style Magazine was curated in Curbly (along with few others). It’s so simply chic with a dash of blue and gold. What I love the most is the calm vibe of the room and how it’s dressed. There are only fewer essentials items but everything has been incorporated so well into space.

A dash of color can never be wrong for your home office.


Terry from The Lovely Drawer is a creative workshop teacher. What I love about her working space is the creative overall mood it sets me and how it’s beautifully organized.

A smart set up of your home office can really bring up your creative mood.


Katie Dean is a jewelry designer and her dreamy feminine workspace really spark my chic side! I love the velvet chair and rug. The table is a bit too cramped for my taste, but the plants still bring the comfort of nature in the room. I love how the wall in this workspace is full of inspiration!

Bring more nature to your workspace will give you the inspiration you need.


Ronen Bekerman did this gorgeous home office as his personal project after having inspiration from Pinterest. I love the beautiful details! The table, the chair, even the odd retro looking lamp!

This gorgeous home office makes you feel you are back in mid-century.


I could only imagine the morning light that will certainly boost my mood when I sit in this airy minimalistic working space. I love the clean, minimalist aesthetic and the big window. Do you know that light also act as a modulator for some of our cognitive brain functions?

Clever placement of your home office will bring much advantage, like more light here.


Cate St Hill did this project for a loft apartment. Her decision to make a bold statement for this workspace is very smart. The gallery wall draws your eye up the wall, helping give the illusion of height. What is better than having inspiration in your own workspace?

Set up a gallery wall for your workspace to inspire you more.


Caitlin Covington is a style blogger that I follow from time to time. Her workspace will definitely tickle that feminine side of yours!

Get that feminine side of yours speak the most for your workingspace.


This cute nook office inspiration I found from Style Me Pretty is a part of a Parisian- inspired guest bedroom. I love how she combines modern and minimalist aesthetics into one little nook.

Combine one or more aesthetic into your working space.

Workspace Inspiration comes from everywhere, from picture to elements that you incorporate.
Do you have a designated workspace? How do you design your home office?

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10 Beautiful Workspaces That Will Make You Love to Work