Why Fear Is Our Greatest Asset

“Fear is a pesky little bitch – Unless we know how to turn her into flawless steel armor that is. We can adapt to her – learn her subtle ways, how she is helping rather than hindering, and wear her effortlessly in this business battle.”

Know The Enemy
The first step to mastering our fear is looking at her in the mirror. No compact mirrors here, we’re talking full-length, stunning ones.  Identifying our worries is imperative, darling. We, humans, are good liars. Especially when it comes to ourselves.

Running a business can bring all sorts of fears alive.

  • Fear of Failing
  • Losing Clients
  • Not making enough money to live on
  • Not experienced
  • Making a mistake
  • Letting people down

Getting super clear on what we’re worried about means taking control. The last thing we want to do is bury our fears. This will only lead to overwhelm, and burnout and increase the likelihood of the fear becoming reality. Take our power back- Refuse to be beaten, is the mantra we cry out.

Not About Us
Once we know what we’re afraid of, the next step to mastering our fear is realising it’s not all about ourselves, I know, right? This one is the kicker, but again this is where we must hold the damn mirror up to our gorgeous faces and get real.

Sometimes our fears come from a place of protection.  Of not ‘’enoughness.’’ A carefully constructed story we’ve told ourselves – a lie to keep us safe. Except what it does is makes us incredibly unhappy, dreading ‘’ what if?’’
Acceptance is our ally in this battle. By accepting that our fear is a lie – yes even when they feel genuine. Think about those earlier fears.

  • Fear of Failing
  • Losing Clients
  • Not making enough money to live on
  • Not experienced
  • Making a mistake
  • Letting people down

Are they based on any form of truth? When we pick it apart, the lies become apparent.
Our ego is Fear’s ally and it does its job well. So, well, it has us believing it’s on our side. When we recognise our fears- see our ego’s true face- we are free from its clutches.

Question Fear
Fear doesn’t have to be a bitter battle. Not if we’re smart. We want to truly know our enemy. Interrogation comes in handy. Ask, what’s the worst outcome and is it possible to overcome this? Hell yes! If it’s one thing we at TFM have mastered, it’s overcoming the odds. Shit happens. Honestly, it will hurt, a lot, and then some!!!

We mustn’t let the ‘’ what if’’ mentality hang over us. Everything passes. Nothing lasts forever. This is why living in the moment is kinda a game-changer.

Think about the last shitty thing that happened. It passed, right? Perhaps the situation evolved, but the initial scary AF thing passed. Therefore, take it from us, that the ‘’OMG, what if’’ moment, will come and go. If it actually comes at all. Remember, most of the situations we worry about never come to pass. Breathe that in love.

Our Greatest Asset
Here at The Fancy Minimalist, we are big fans of ‘’ knowing why.’’ Last week, we shared how our framework keeps us focused on this. If you haven’t read our last blog post, you can read it HERE.

When we know our fears inside and out, they’re no match for us. And herein lies the creme-de la creme – not only mastering fear but turning it into the greatest asset in our business.

For Example:

When we have a handle on our fear,  we can truly become the badass CEO. Most successful entrepreneurs have a support system. We say successful because they are the people who have conquered fear, they recognise doing it alone, even in the very early days is hard. There is a certain confidence in the entrepreneur who can ask for help. We must know what our strengths are and where the gaps are. Find a support system, join a mastermind,  learn new skills, hire a Virtual Assistant, or create a team of experts. Regardless of your entrepreneur status, there is support out there.

TFM has been a supporting Business Bestie for almost two years now. If you believe you need a community that ‘gets’ you, join us

The Fancy Minimalist Final Words On Fear

Mastering fear and turning it into our greatest asset is to accept that fear exists, know its name, see it for the story it is, rewrite it, take charge, and see that fear does not rule us – not at all.
You totally got this!


I have a background in counselling skills/mentoring, media studies and drama. Pretty interesting combo, I know. My mission with The Fancy Minimalist would be to provide you with insights that works for your business and lifestyle, the sparkly way! 

Kirsty Penn

CONTENT LEAD - the fancy minimalisT

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