three steps for a sustainable minimalist lifestyle


your WHY

A big part of minimalism is analyzing and improving upon our current behaviour patterns. We all act a certain way because of how we were raised, right? Sure. But there are so many other things which influence the way we do things, such as the people who surround us, our dependents (if we have any), and our socio-economic status.

I often get asked “where should I begin?” when people come to me for advice. My answer? Start noticing how you do things. Become aware. Analyze your thought patterns. It’s easy to get caught up in why you think you want something. But this may not actually be your motivation.
It may not be why you act the way that you do.

Let’s take, for example, my weight-loss journey. For years I wanted a ‘beach body’, whatever that means. I went in full throttle. I took supplements, ate low-carb, ditched sweets, and hit the gym every day for a week. When I lost my mother, my weight was the highest it had been.

So now, instead of focusing on the end result, I began deciphering my ‘Why’.

I thought about what losing weight meant to me. It meant feeling good, more energized, and not burning out as quick and being sick every weekend. That was my ‘Why’, to lead a better life and feel good about myself. 
Not to look a certain way.

Gaining this insight helped me to appreciate all the small achievements, and the slow progress I was seeing. It created a new narrative for my journey, and lead to a more sustainable journey.

Get clear on your Why, because your Why is the foundation of your journey.

Some questions to consider:

Write these out. Keep them somewhere where you can revisit them often, such as at the front of a journal or stuck to your wall.


A CLEAR vision

When I discarded most of my wardrobe in 2016, I didn’t have a Why, let alone a Vision. The result was me caving and spending a lot more money in a few months time. I had accumulated more things than I had purged, maxed out my credit card, and I was frustrated.

I tried again, and the result was the same. I felt stuck. Instead of focusing on the immediate result of purging all of my stuff, I decided to sit down and really envision a world where I was a thriving minimalist.

My vision is an Eve with modesty and compassion. An Eve who dresses well, is financially stable, and working every day on something which has a positive and lasting impact on peoples lives.

She would be able to travel the world when she wishes to, and have a home-base where she enjoys a quiet life with her husband. An Eve who knows her motivation behind pursuing a minimalist life.

I wrote out my vision, and then had in front of me a consistent source of inspiration to continue on when the going got tough. Even when that Zara sale was really good.

Get clear on your vision, because vision is what keeps you going.

Some questions to consider:

Having a clear vision and consistent reminders of it will keep you motivated even on days when you feel like giving up.


WINNING systems

And now it’s time to create your path to success. When you already know your Why and your Vision, setting up a route to get there is the easy part!
And the best part? You can easily tailor your system to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Every thriving journey needs a System. A structure to guide you from one step to the next, and onwards and upwards.

As human beings, we thrive on systems. Systems are how we survive, they’re how businesses flourish, and are how we get anything done. A system doesn’t have to be complicated, and it needs to tailor your lifestyle and needs.

Having a cleaning schedule is a system, as is doing a quick 5 minute tidy-up after getting ready in the morning. A weekly grocery list is also a system. Journalling and meditation are systems, as well as budgeting for travel or saving for retirement.

Get clear on your systems, because systems are there to make sure your growth is tangible and sustainable.

Some questions to consider:

Pro Tip: ask your family member to sit down with you and let them come up with ideas. The transition will be smoother when everybody in your family is involved. 

i am excited to start! WHAT'S NEXT?