Stay The F* Away From Polyester!

Our Writing Genius, Kirsty, swore by this Masterclass, claiming that this is the Masterclass your boobs will thank you for! (insert big laugh emoji here). She referred to our mojo of staying the F* away from Polyester! 😂

But seriously, this Masterclass is filled with extensive knowledge about fabrics commonly used in fashion nowadays, their characteristics, and what type of clothing is best to invest in considering the fabric’s quality. You’ll also learn my most fave of them all and why.

One of my private style coaching clients, Terri, told me that it was eye-opening for her to learn about fabrics!

Learning about fabrics gives you many benefits, as simple as finally understanding which fabrics suit you better.
Ready to stop sweating on important business meetings? 😉

Sunk Cost Fallacy & budgeting 101

You look at that sweater from your favorite Aunt Sally and still get sparkly eyes, even knowing that you haven’t worn it in ten years. 

But it’s Aunt Sally, you whisper, still with loving thought and sparkly eyes, while putting back the sweater inside your wardrobe with a sigh 🥺

I get you, babe. After all, Marie Kondo said we keep things that bring us joy, rite? 
If Only it was just 1 sweater from Aunt Sally…

Because you know some others serve you no more, yet you have difficulty letting go. What’s worse, you hate looking at your credit card bill, and you need a system that will ease that compulsive buying. 

If this is the case, then this mini-workshop I once held for exclusively Conscious Wardrobe students will help. 

You’ll learn a method to rewire that ‘ I AM HOLDING ON TO THINGS UNTIL I DIE’ mindset and start making progress on looking at your finances. 

Ready to love Aunt Sally and your bank balance without keeping all her sweaters? 😉

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