Our Top Ten Productivity Hacks To Getting More Done In 2023

Before you panic at the mere mention of 2023 – remember you have 8 weeks left of 2022 to make your goals come alive. TFM has put together a list of our top 10 hacks to help you get more done. If you want to slay the rest of this year and kick ass in 2023, read on my friend.

Know The Enemy
The first step to mastering our fear is looking at her in the mirror. No compact mirrors here, we’re talking full-length, stunning ones.  Identifying our worries is imperative, darling. We, humans, are good liars. Especially when it comes to ourselves.

Running a business can bring all sorts of fears alive.

  • Fear of Failing
  • Losing Clients
  • Not making enough money to live on
  • Not experienced
  • Making a mistake
  • Letting people down

Getting super clear on what we’re worried about means taking control. The last thing we want to do is bury our fears. This will only lead to overwhelm, and burnout and increase the likelihood of the fear becoming reality. Take our power back- Refuse to be beaten, is the mantra we cry out.

No 1: Plan Ahead Darling

The first hack we recommend to be more productive is planning a day’s schedule. We know from experience that if you don’t know what’s coming you end up trying to do everything as a banshee possessed. Just us?

Regardless, knowing what you’re doing, when you’re doing it, and for how long – make your planner, scheduler, or diary your BFF.

Without a plan of action, you’re likely to miss out on important shizz – client deadlines, lunch dates, Aunt Glenda’s 60th birthday.

To save you from headaches and keep you in Aunt G’s good graces, we say write down a detailed plan of the upcoming day, the night before. Write everything you need to do so that you have a good overview of what to focus on.

Planning eliminates the need for guesswork and avoids time wasting. At first, this may feel unnatural – especially if you usually work more sporadically but we know even carefree-spirited people benefit greatly from looking at the day ahead.

No 2: Write Down 3 Priority Tasks


Laser focus is required here. Grab a pen, and write down

the three most important tasks for the day. TFM are advocates for no 2 on the list here.

Describe the tasks in detail – Focus on important tasks rather than urgent ones. For example, the kind of task that moves the needle. This is not about urgent tasks, those should be looked at separately with dates and deadlines.

Priority tasks may be, allowing time for book writing, paying bills and invoices, or asking for a raise at work (dare ya)

No 3: Set a Single Goal for Each Day


Setting a single goal for each working day creates focus. Simple as – we do this too and we can tell you that it makes a difference. 

Examples of a single goal are:

  • Arranging team meetings
  • Writing content
  • Updating website
  • Engaging with leads

No 4: Schedule For Distraction

Whether you have one email account or 5, we highly recommend you work to reduce the number of times you check it within the day. Constantly refreshing your inbox is a major waste of valuable time.

To avoid further distraction, choose 2 times a day for checking emails. Schedule it. This is also valid for checking on messages from friends or family. For any light work that doesn’t require so much focus, schedule them too.

This could be in the morning and at the end of the day. Or at lunchtime and the end of the working day. We also urge you to advise colleagues and clients of these times. Or family and friends. This way they are less likely to hound you if they haven’t heard from you yet.


PS: If you have 5 email accounts – WTF – try to reduce this – you’ll thank us when you live longer.

No 5: The Power Of No

Saying no is honestly empowering and so freeing. Yet, we get that it can be hard for some. If you struggle to say “No” it’s time to give yourself a gift.

Because to boost your productivity, you can’t be at the beck and call of others.

We would suggest supercharging your confidence if this one is a barrier.

At TFM we had a masterclass on being enough. Head over to watch it here.

Masterclass link

No 6: Turn Off Notifications

Your phone, socials, and inboxes can wait. You control them. They’re not the boss of you. Read that again.

Infuse a little sass into your life and turn off your notifications. Then check them at specified times. Keep your productivity going and stay sane. You’re welcome.

No 7: Block Out Distractions

Productivity increases depending on the space. The first thing you want to do is block out distractions – more so if you’re working on a deadline. Distractions look like kids wanting to be entertained, cats sitting on your laptop, and a colleague chatting to you about her love life AGAIN – be it at home or in a communal office, and distractions doom productivity.


Think ahead. See tip no:1 and ensure kids and pets have what they need. If you can’t work with children at home, allocate time when they’re in bed, at school, and so on.

No 8: Organise The Sh*t Out Of Workspaces

Remove clutter from your desk for a start – now that those distractions are sorted, organize the rest of your workspace.

If you work effectively in organized chaos, we say ignore this rule -, play to your strengths.


If you need a clean pad to work – clean and declutter your heart out.

No 9: Implement The 2 Minute Rule For Smaller Tasks


We don’t waste time and certainly don’t want you to either.


Rather than spend time on small tasks that keep cropping up throughout your day, ask yourself if you can complete them in 2 minutes or less – if yes, go ahead with the task. If not, add the task to priory tasks for later.

No 10: Listen to Productive Music

Music is a wonderful way to help retain focus and stay productive. Select music that encourages you to concentrate on the task at hand. Create a playlist that inspires you.

Taylor Swift’s newest album makes us want to dance so we wouldn’t choose that one if we wanted to focus- sorry Taylor.

We are big fans of binaural beats too. Just type “binaural beats to focus”  into Youtube, pop in your earphones, and work it, girl!

We work smart here at The Fancy Minimalist – so you don’t have to work your ass off.

These top ten productivity hacks to get more done in 2023 are the start of great things to come. We are creating resources to help you in your career, business, and life. Stay with us – we’ve only just begun.


I have a background in counselling skills/mentoring, media studies and drama. Pretty interesting combo, I know. My mission with The Fancy Minimalist would be to provide you with insights that works for your business and lifestyle, the sparkly way! 

Kirsty Penn

CONTENT LEAD - the fancy minimalisT

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