Each persons journey to minimalism is a completely unique experience. We were all raised differently, and we all live completely differently. Our ingrained behaviours therefore differ from person to person.
It doesn’t matter who you are as an individual and what behaviours and beliefs you bring to the table. It doesn’t matter how much stuff you’re starting with, or how much debt you’re in.

There is always the opportunity to switch up your mindset.

Damn, Eve! That sounds like a lot of work. Well, to be completely honest, it is.

It took me years before I’d finally mastered my art of minimalism. There is no minimalist fairy that can turn you into a successful minimalist overnight at the flick of a wand.

But, lucky for you, I have made every mistake there is to make in my minimalist journey, and I have come out the other end unscathed and content, as will you.

why mindset?

Now, let me explain why focusing on improving your mindset is key.
Meet Sally.

Sally has a messy, cluttered home. Her wardrobe is bursting at the seams, and she has accidentally acquired quite the collection of decor and trinkets cluttering her shelves over the years.
One day, Sally gets a rush of motivation and begins to clean up, discard and declutter her space. Sally feels better! Her house stays clean and tidy for 3-5 days, and after a busy week at work, Sally’s home is messy again.

Why did Sally go back to her old ways?! She felt so good when she’d decluttered and tidied.
Sally didn’t get to the root of her hoarding problems. She merely scratched the surface of them.

You know the drill. You swear you won’t spend any more on your credit card. You leave it at home even. A week later, there is 50% off everything at Zara. You spend a week’s wages without even thinking about it.

Why do we do this?
Our focus is not properly placed.

The only way to succeed in living a minimalist lifestyle in the long term is by developing systems which dive deep into the root cause of our actions.
It doesn’t matter how many times we declutter. If we don’t have a system in place, and a why behind the system, it will not last. The goal is not to have a clean space; it’s to keep the space clean.

It doesn’t matter if we swear not to spend any more money, and keep all our credit cards at home. If we’re not satisfied with what we have, we will end up buying again. The goal is not to stop buying clothes; it’s to know when and what to buy.

Our mindset is a collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape our thinking habits. This affects how we think, feel, and do. If we want to get sustainable results, we need to start by resetting our mindset. And trust me, it’s easier than it sounds.

Let me show you how to create new thought patterns which will help you prosper in minimalism.

These three steps are my proven system to having a sustainable journey for the past six years.

reset your mindset with these

sustainable steps

your why

Deciding on your Why is the most fundamental foundation for your new journey. When you decide on your motivation behind living a more minimalistic lifestyle, you will give your journey meaning, and will be less likely to relapse.

A CLEAR vision

Your Vision is the second most fundamental foundation for your journey to minimalism. Having a clear vision allows you to revert back to this when you lose focus. It will give you the motivation to continue, and ensure that your transition into minimalism is sustainable.

create your
winning SYSTEMS

Creating a winning System to bring your ideal minimalist lifestyle to fruition is the final key to success.
A winning system will take your Why and your Vision, and will work backward to create each step that you will take. You have already decided on the outcome. Creating a system to lead you there can be straightforward.

If you can resonate with this mindset