The Mindset Reset Challenge is a 5-day straightforward challenge which will help you to set up the perfect foundation to support your transition into a sustainable minimalist lifestyle. It is designed to ease you into a minimalist way of thinking, with our support and guidance every step of the way.

Throughout this challenge, you will learn:

This challenge will show you how to unlock the ability to dig deep into your current beliefs and behaviours. You will develop a greater understanding of yourself, and why you act and think the way that you do.

The Mindset Reset Challenge will help you identify your personality type, and show you tips for working alongside it rather than approaching minimalism with a “one size fits all” attitude. 
We are all different. What works for others may not work for you. This course will show you how to work so that you can be the most productive version of yourself, embracing both your strengths and weaknesses in the process.

On The Mindset Reset Challenge, you will learn the truth about what’s keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself. We will talk through the process of change, and adapting your past behaviour patterns to begin living your ideal life. 
Everybody procrastinates. Unfortunately for us, it’s a known fact of life. This course will help you to identify your procrastination triggers and work to combat those.

We will also work on:

and the foundation of all of your decisions, behaviours and actions. This course will help you identify exactly why you have decided to start your minimalism journey.

which will help inform your direction, decision making, and shaping your new mindset.

We talk through setting good examples and gentle encouragement through motivation tactics, winning them over gently and little by little

which will serve you in the long-run, taking into account your lifestyle and personality type. Systems are there to make sure our journey is sustainable. 

what's inside the challenge

DAY 1 - 2


Get to know your inner self. Your desires, your intrinsic motivation, your personality type, your WHY.

DAY 3 - 4


Imagine your future self, envision your ideal life at the end of the journey.

DAY 4 - 5


Imagine your future self, envision your ideal life at the end of the journey.


The Mindset Reset Workbook is a completely free resource for you to use at your own pace. 

And lastly, congratulations friend! You have taken the first (and arguably hardest steps to start your minimalist lifestyle, and I couldn’t be more proud of you.

You can shake off the feeling of confusion, restlessness, and unworthiness. You are well on your way to becoming a thriving minimalist.

Your journey starts from within, and with the guidance of this workbook and the support of our community, you are sure to prosper!

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participants story

what they said about the challenge

financial wellness coach
dawn pike

I attended the mindset reset challenge and gained so much insight into working around challenges I was facing without even realizing it myself! I am still continually work on this level of my life weekly, building a life I am proud of while also being intentional with their values, beliefs, and purpose that allows them the ability to make healthy choices that align.

lucy rollinson

You thought me to believe in myself and I’m sure I would be where I am without the mindset reset challenge! In fact, I know I wouldn’t; I wouldn’t have agreed to proceed with my Women in Property Award which I’ve been nominated for! So exiting- only 180 people in the country! Exciting! 

I got to the point were I was overwhelmed. At 36 working in a medical office, going to school, raising a small family and trying to get out of debt, I knew something wasn’t rite. I felt overstuffed, like the way you do after Thanksgiving dinner, except I was overstuffed in my everyday thoughts, my feelings, my daily schedule, and walking into my small apartment. Every shelf, drawer, cabinet and closet looked like it was vomiting all the things we had crammed into them. Just like my mind was doing with all I had crammed into it too. How did things get like this?

The Mindset Reset Challenge helped me to dig deep to find out the reasons my life started to feel this way. It was not a scratch the surface decluttering course. There were many exercises I enjoyed that helped me to learn about my self and my “Why.”
It covered emotional health, finances, time management, and self reflection exercises. It was a no judge community where everyone encouraged one another. The kindest souls reached out to speak to me which really boosted my confidence in knowing I could accomplish my goal to live simply, the way i want to REALLY live. After this challenge, I feel rejuvenated.
My goals are clear as well as the path I will use to get to them. I will use every single thing I learned going forward. I’ve learned how I can stay focused, and to give my self grace. Thank you so much for this challenge!