A Mission

“I am on a  mission to teach women to look good wearing whatever they feel like, feel good in their own skin and spread their light to the world with their personality. Because there is NOTHING that beats that freedom” – Eve

Meet Eve

After a brief entertainment career and two small fashion businesses, Ivone Eveline a.k.a Eve graduated from one of the oldest fashion schools in the world, went on to intern at Marie Claire Indonesia, and worked for four different fashion brands as soon as she moved to Germany. She wishes it hadn’t taken her 17 years in fashion to realize something crucial.

Style is something that can be learned, and the essence of fashion is just this: the freedom of expression.

Whatever they say about how fashion should or shouldn’t be is impertinent.

“Train your minimalist mindset, but defend your sparkle!”


Work with Eve

Eve provides VIP Day for female entrepreneurs and professionals who require assistance with branding photoshoots or aligning their personal style with their personal brand.
Eve also provides a ten-week private style coaching and tailored style package.

More details about her services are available to download below.

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Eve was backpacking around Asia in 2016 when she happened across a Marie Kondo book.
She made her way back to Germany with a burning eagerness to begin her minimalism journey: she quickly purged 80% of her wardrobe, and anything else that she didn’t use frequently.

She felt better. That was easy!

But, some months later, in her excitement and yearning for a simple and organized life, she realized she had collected more than she had purged.
Six months after, she maxed out my credit card. She was confused and furious with herself.

She decided to go within, to her fundamental desires and instinctive yearning to become a minimalist. 

Some months later, her WHY – VISION – FRAMEWORK was born. 

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