6 Reasons Your Dream Business Is Still A Dream

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“Starting a biz is all kinds of scary but sometimes it makes all the difference to have a go-to biz buddy. Somebody who has your back. That’s The Fancy Minimalist. We’re your go-to biz buddy. And your buddy has a few choice words for fear. We know all about the scary side of starting a business. Don’t be afraid loves, here at TFM we’ve put together a treat of expert tips so you can look those pain-in-the-ass fears in the eye. LET’S DO THIS!

#1 Being Afraid of Not Knowing Where To Start

Many of the entrepreneurs we meet say that the most frightening aspect of starting a business is actually doing it. It would make life so much easier if you knew where to begin, right?
Thoughts like:
“How much tax do I pay?”
“Where do I register as self-employed?”
“How much savings do I need?”
‘’Do I set up a website?’’
“What’s the best way to advertise?”
‘’Can I put those new shoes on my tax returns?’’

Okay, that last one is super obvious, but hey listen, this list of questions is endless. What’s not endless is the answers you seek. It might help you know that every entrepreneur, and we mean EVERY, will have scary questions pop up. Usually waking them up, dramatically from a sleep.

Google (your silent partner in this) can help you with most questions or you can find reputable online courses to further your knowledge. If you have the luxury of savings, you can always hire a business coach. And, our personal fave – join an online entrepreneur community. The type of place where you will thrive and find long-lasting support- better than bras and hold-ups combined.

#2 What If They Call Me Crazy

Ah, this one’s not too frightful. In the words of the Mad Hatter himself ‘’ All the best people are.’’ Having a dream will appear crazy to everyone who doesn’t share in it. Not because they don’t believe you can do it. But because they are living in the same conditioned society as you. Occasionally, there are crazy wonders who break free, Freddie Mercury style, from this conditioning. Those who say, ‘’ F**k it’’ and just do it.  The kinda people who read articles like this because they’re always expanding their knowledge if you catch our drift?

#3 Afraid There are No Clients

Here’s the thing you should know about clients. They’re out there. All of them, and come in all manner of shapes and sizes too. How do you find them though? That’s what you want to know. Where are these incredible people hiding anyway? Well, loves, all you have to know is there is no one right method to attract your people. What you need is a strategy that involves a killer offer, and a basic understanding of how you will interact with the souls who connect with your offer. You can’t just randomly hit up inboxes yelling, ‘’ Trick or Treat.’’ Be a bit more sophisticated than that. Cold DMs rattle potential clients something crazy. And will leave you feeling like a sleazy Susan. Congruence is key.

#4 Fear Of Failing The Family (And yourself)

This is a biggie! Most entrepreneurs start a business because they want more freedom. They want less 9 to 5 and more Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I bet you’re the same. Yet, deep down in the pit of your stomach lies the horrific fear of failing – not just yourself, but your family. The precious ones you’re doing this for. You want so much to give them a better life, but wanna know a secret? This is the barrier stopping you from ultimate success.  Something of a Mindf**k isn’t it? This is why it’s so important to grasp ‘’YOUR WHY,’’. At TFM we have a dedicated and pretty epic framework that stems from this.
Getting secure in ‘’YOUR WHY,’’  makes you feel more armed running a business. Create solid foundations from the get-go. Then when the fear monster creeps in, kick its not-so-frightening ass!

#5 Afraid Of Not Earning Enough Moolah

Moolah is maybe not your driving force when it comes to running an impactful business. But it is a potent part of it nonetheless. Because when you are earning enough you can finally provide for your family the way you want to. You can support good causes and live a great life. Many entrepreneurs fear not making money and can get stuck on a rollercoaster of working and trading time for money. Rather than doing the thing that lights them up. First of all, check your money mindset hun – all TFM members have access to top training from experts. A money mindset is among them. If you’re not a member, we recommend joining us ASAP – just find a Facebook link down below.

Be smart about this darling – don’t become so virtuous that you’re willing to work for nothing. You still have to eat – life is meant to be lived. And a part of that means earning enough money.

On the other hand – don’t get hung up on the big bucks so much that that’s all you’re working for. Be sure you’re enjoying your craft. That’s part of why you wanted a business, isn’t it? Not sure, scroll back up the page and re-read that framework again. You’re welcome.

#6 Leaving The 9 To 5

Now let us be clear on this one. There are no set rules to running a biz. Except for maybe taxes – yes pretty sure there are rules with that one.
With everything else, follow your instincts. Got it?

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be a full-time gig. Your end goal doesn’t mean walking away from the 9 to 5. If you can find a way to do both and live well – why not? Who told you you could only do one anyway? Send them the TFM way, please.

However, if your goal is to wave goodbye to the 9 to 5, then put your smart girl pants on. One surefire way to beat this crippling fear is to outwit it. That means planning the sh*t out of it. Knowing what you want to be making, monetary wise before you quit the full-time gig. It may be tempting to go all in, especially if you’re some kind of daredevil. Just, be smart and do your research – You can make your dream a reality without losing your mind and savings.


The Fancy Minimalist Final Words On Fear

There’s certainly a scary side to starting a business. We’re confident that you got this. The reality is this isn’t going to be a walk in the park. But if you get laser-focused and create strong foundations, every time fear crops up, you’ll be armed and ready to deal.

Don’t forget – you never have to do this biz shiz alone. TFM was created for courageous and powerful women like you. Why do you battle with fear single-handedly when you can have an entire army of like-minded ladies behind you?

You totally got this


I have a background in counselling skills/mentoring, media studies and drama. Pretty interesting combo, I know. My mission with The Fancy Minimalist would be to provide you with insights that works for your business and lifestyle, the sparkly way! 

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